Creating an “Adult only escape” – Tiger Sheds

While most people like to sit back and relax, we enjoy crafting and making things.

Last year we saw a competition with Tiger Sheds to win your dream shed. Kate and I had lots of fun putting together a model of a shed(see it here). We won the competition. After some family brainstorming sessions, we decided to follow our competition entry and make it into a “Toy workshop”.

So tools were bought, many hours of Youtube videos were watched and we have our “toy workshop”.




So Vincent has his Adult escape, but it’s me that paints his creations. So I think I need a craft shed next door. Somewhere I can keep my paint safe, and not have to worry that Megan has got into it when she suddenly goes quiet. Somewhere I don’t need to share my paint brushes.

I’ve got my eye on this Gamma Log cabin. It looks like just the right size for me. I love the big windows and also the solid back panel. 

I would have the entire back wall as a pegboard with all my supplies hanging in clear view, a place for everything(currently all my supplies are packed away in the cupboard of doom).

Image from Good Housekeeping

I would have one of these for all my patterns, papers and vinyl.

I would decorate it in muted rainbow colours.

And of course, as it’s my adult only craft shed, it would have to include a wine cooler(filled with Prosecco) and no glasses, I’d drink my prosecco out of the prettiest vintage tea cups.

I would sip on prosseco whilst sitting on my throne, cross stitching keepsakes.

Snuggled up with a throw.

And biscuits, there would definitely be biscuits, not just any biscuits. Luxurious ones, no custard creams in my shed.

A wireless speaker would be an essential, so I can play my own music without Vincent making comments about my age or taste in music! I’d be able to skip from rock to pop to indie without any interference.

I’m starting to think I would need wifi as well. And a computer desk so I can blog in there.

Oh and somewhere to take photos.

Should we start again?

I think I have my eye on this one now! I can just imagine it in summer, with bunting on the eaves, in winter with little Christmas lights twinkling. And window boxes, filled with hyacinth to fill my shed with their dreamy fragrance. Cute little curtains. Perhaps a bistro table outside?

I would love a little oasis to paint and craft, relax and think about everything and nothing all at once. A place to unwind and call “just mine”. A far cry better than my current space that also doubles up as the homework desk.

This post is my entry into the Tiger Sheds and Boo Roo and Tigger Too competition



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