Catching up with the Clarkes
 A blog that originally started off to keep in touch with friends and family. But “Catching up with the Clarkes” developed a mind of its own and morphed itself into a food blog, so I pretty much go along with it. Hoping to move into the arty crafty dimension soon. Its my online diary/note pad that I hope will inspire.
Robyn Clarke
A twenty-something South African living in Chester, England. I’ve had my fingers in many pies and dabbled in many subjects. From fashion design to a photography lab to recycling to gardening, beekeeping and to top it off, some cooking and baking. At the moment I’m searching for a winning lottery ticket so that I can buy a cottage in the south of England where I will keep bees, chickens and grow vegetables in the summer. In the winter I’ll fill my days sewing, crocheting and embroidering.