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Fun Home DIYs For A Rainy Day


If you are the kind of creative person who always loves to try new projects at home, a rainy day can be the perfect opportunity for you to whip out all of your tools and make something fun which you can place and use in your home. Today we are going to have a look at just some ideas for crafts you can do when it’s rainy outside and your creative juices are flowing.


  1. Bird Feeder Wreath

If you are looking for ways to make the most of your winter garden scene as well as look after the wildlife in your local area then there is no better idea to do than make a bird feeder wreath. In the same way you would a wreath for the Home, this can be hung up in the garden on a tree or shed for a cute effect. To make this you will need a circular cake mound such as a large donut tin, some fat to melt down, lots of seeds and nuts and a bit piece of ribbon. Start off by greasing the mould and pouring the seed in. Then pour melted fat over the top to bind the seeds together. Leave to set in the fridge and then pop out, tie a ribbon to the top and hang it outside.


  1. Tomato Planter

This time of the year is always ideal for thinking about the garden and which crops you want to plant during the spring. If you fancy growing your own produce this year there is nothing better than tomatoes to get your started. You can start with some empty and clean soda bottles, tomato seedlings and compost. Cut the bottom off each soda bottle and place them upside down. Place a seedling in the bottle carefully and pour some compost on top. Leave these hanging in the house near a window and you will see your tomato plant start to grow! Make sure to water it regularly enough so that the soil stays a little bit damp, but not soaking wet.


  1. Abstract Art


You don’t have to be Leonardo Da Vinci to make some fun art for the home, and even if you have no art skills at all you can still make a fun piece of abstract art for your living room wall. Start off by buying yourself a canvas and some acrylic paints in your chosen colours. It can be handy to pick colours to suit your colour scheme in the room for the best effect. Take your paints and randomly squeeze amounts on the canvas, alternating colours as you go. Now take a scraper or an old credit card and drag the colours around. Keep doing this until your canvas is full of colour and it can look amazing.


  1. Candle Jars


If you fancy making the home feel a little cosy during the colder months you can always have some fun making some cute little candle jars for the living room and for the bathroom too. All you’ll need for this is some clean glass jars, a glue gun and some yarn. Simply wrap the yarn and glue it over the jar and let it dry. Once it is dry you can place a tealight in the jar and place it in the living room and the bathroom to create a lovely atmosphere.


  1. Petal Garland


As we approach the end of the winter and spring starts to come through, it can always be a good idea for us to brighten up the home a little with soft pastel colours. For this craft you will need some fake petals or flowers, a long piece of twine and some pva glue. Simply lay out your flowers or petals and lay the twine on top. Once you have done this you can glue each petal to the twine and leave it for a few hours to dry. It will dry in no time and leave you with the perfect hanging accessory for your fireplace.


  1.  Stepping-Stones

If you want to add a little bit of fun to your garden for yourself and the kids, a great idea would be to plant some stepping stones into the ground to walk on during the summer. To do this you can find some large, flat rocks and plant them into the grass for a fun effect. You can play around and paint the rocks too for some extra fun if you fancy!


  1. Quirky planters


Speaking of making the garden more fun, there are some really great ways that you can bring some colour and quirkiness to the garden by making some fun planters. For example you could use an old wellington boot as a plant pot for pansies and violas, you could add a bottom to an old tyre and add a cute arrangement, or you can create a hand with cement and have a small succulent or two resting in here. There are some really fun ideas online so have a look and play around.


  1. Personalised mugs


If you fancy making a picture or writing a message for someone special in your life on a mug, you can do this at home with a few sharpies in no time! All you will need is a plain oven safe mug and some coloured sharpies. Write or draw your chosen message onto the mug and then bake it for 10 minutes in the oven. Once it has cooled you will have the ideal gift for a birthday or a party.


  1. Pebble Placemat

If in the home this year you are opting for a fairly nautical theme, you can do this easily by collecting some small pebbles to make a placemat out of for your table. You can do this buy cutting a circle in the size you want out of cardboard or plywood. Once you have done this you can glue the pebbles on top and create a cute design which is sure to impress at your next dinner party.


  1. Patio Tyre Seat


If you are looking to upgrade the garden this year for some fun, and you fancy hosting some parties in the space this year you can create some fun seating using an old tyre, some foam from, Teflon spray and some nice fabric. To do this you can start off by either painting the tyre a fun colour or leaving it as it is. Fill the tyre with foam and make sure that the foam also comes a little out of the top. Now pick a fabric you like and staple this to the top of the tyre to cover the foam. Spray with Teflon spray and voila!


There are lots of different things you can turn into patio seats and this can be a super cool way to bring some unique style and colour to your garden for the summer.

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