3 Reasons You Need A Birth Plan

What is a birth plan?

A birth plan includes details of all your preferences for birth. For instance, you’ll include which type of birth you’d like, whether you’re keen to have a water pool birth, or a hypnotherapy birth. Some women plan to have a c-section, while others focus on a natural birth. You might prefer an epidural or some other type of pain relief for the birth. Your birth plan will also include details of who will be present for your birth, and any extras you’d like included (for instance relaxing music). Don’t forget your birth partner in the plans. If I could go back, I would have encouraged my husband to start taking CBD gummies to alleviate his stress and to help with the anxiety he felt before, during, and after the birth. If your birth partner is susceptible to stress, I would recommend looking into CBD gummies – here is a list of the best CBD gummies UK nationals can purchase if that’s where you are based.

What else should you include in a birth plan?

As well as the points above, there are lots of things that you might include in a birth plan. Examples include the positions for labor and after birth preferences. You might choose how you’d like the placenta delivered and of course the place you’d like to give birth. Not all women create a birth-plan, but there are many reasons why you should consider creating one.


  1. High BMI pregnancy


High BMI pregnancy can come with certain complications, and so it’s useful to understand what these risks are. According to Tommy’s Pregnancy Hub,If your BMI was 30 or more before pregnancy, you’re more likely to need an emergency c-section.’

Some women with a high BMI choose to plan for a c-section, others do not, it all depends on personal preference.


If you fall under the category of a high BMI pregnancy it can be useful to get guidance from your doctors to help you create a birth plan. Your health care providers will be able to educate you about the risks, and help you to create the most appropriate plan.


  1. Mindful decisions


When you’re going through labor, it’s not the best time to be making key decisions! When you  make birth decisions beforehand you can ensure these are mindful choices, as opposed to spur of the moment. Having to make key birth decisions during labor could make you feel stressed and panicked, (which isn’t great for the birth). It’s better to go in with some idea of what you want, even if these wishes change later on.


  1. To mentally prepare


It’s worth noting that even if you have a birth plan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this plan is exactly how your birth will go. Every birth is different, sometimes complications arise and it’s necessary for your doctor to go against the plan, in order to protect your health.


Regardless, having a birth plan is useful from a mental health perspective. It allows you to communicate your ideal scenario, feeling more peaceful and relaxed about the experience to come. Many women feel that a birth plan can feel empowering, helping them to feel in control of the situation and their body.


When you’re preparing to have a child it can be helpful to get new baby tips from your friends who’ve had children. Surrounding yourself with a support network can make this journey feel a little less daunting.


Having a birth plan can help you to protect your health, both physical and mental. Planning can help you to go into the birth feeling more prepared and less anxious. There’s so much to organize throughout pregnancy, from the birth to buying new baby supplies. To get everything you need, be sure to check out Foryourlittleone.

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