4 steps to handling an unexpected expense

I’m sure we’ve all needed money fast at some stage of lives; a surprise bill, a car that fails an MOT, an emergency household repair.

There is no need to lie in bed awake for hours stressing about it. Payday loans have a bad reputation but I think they can be a useful resource if you need money fast. Only consider a Payday loan on condition that you are sure you can pay it back when its due.

4 Steps for a Stress Free Payday Loan Experience

  1. Apply for Loan –

2. Make a list of ways you can save(include other members of your household as well, they might have ideas you hadn’t thought of). Your list might be different, but these are the things I usually do:

  • reduce our food shop but using things that are in the cupboards and freezer, it makes for some interesting meals but you will finally get rid of those Duck Spring Rolls and random 4 hashbrowns!
  • I make a meal plan of cheaper meal ideas – Jack Munroe has some amazing recipes that are budget friendly.
  • Cut down on entertainment costs, google “free things to do in your town/cities name“. Manchester has some great places to visit, I’m sure your city will too. Make sure you pack a picnic so you aren’t tempted to buy anything.
  • Make use of charity shops and car boot sales for entertainment, books, DVDs, puzzles and board games can be bought for pennies.

3. make a list of things you can do to make some extra money

  • If you work, could you do some overtime?
  • Clear out your wardrobe of things you no wear, sell the more expensive items on Ebay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Sell the rest to Cash for clothes/rags.
  • Get in the loft, drag out all the random things, put it all on Ebay, you would be surprised what people buy. I recently sold some Nescafe mugs(that came free with my coffee) for more than the coffee cost. I’ve read blog posts about people making money from empty toilet roll tubes, milk bottle lids and even stinky second hand shoes!
  • have you bought anything recently that still has the tags on? Maybe its a good idea to return it and but it again when you have money.
  • Check all your bank accounts, any savings account, paypal accounts, you might just find some money you forgot about.
  • Survey sites are another option but they can take a long time to reach payment thresholds and more time to process payments.  Mobrog is a good survey site for quick payments, the threshold is £4 and payments are usually made within a few hours of being requested.

4. Payback Loan in full and on time

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