Celebrate Your First Safe Group Gathering!

The lockdown regulations now authorise small groups to meet outside, as long as they respect safe distancing. How does that work in practice? If you have a big garden, you can invite friends and family for a health-aware, and socially-distanced bbq party. As long as everyone is able to stand 2 metres away from each other, the British government sees no obstacle to a garden party. However, remember that you are not allowed to have more than 6 persons from different households together at any time. 


What if you don’t have a garden. No problem! You can meet up with friends at the park or pick a rural location for a safe picnic. As the weather is getting warmer, now’s the time to plan a friendly and safe gathering with the friends you miss! Here are a few tips to get you started. 

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Plan a day out together 

Where can you go to meet up with friends? Pubs and restaurants are still shut. So you’ll need to bring your own food and drinks and pick a spot that avoids the crowd. If you live in England, you can travel to any location in England, as long as you return on the same day. In other words, why not pick somewhere special, such as a quiet beach for a cosy picnic? A day at the beach is the perfect day trip. Plenty of fresh air, lovely views, and the pleasure of seeing your friends. What’s not to like?


If there’s no beach around, you can find other rural locations that help you recharge your batteries together. A walk and a snack in the woods can be a great way of spending an afternoon, especially if you have some foraging skills. 


Bringing a safe gift

It’s always nice to bring a gift when you’re seeing friends. Unfortunately, you can’t bring the traditional bottle of wine, as it wouldn’t be safe to share drinks. However, you can think outside the box. After all, your friends have been driving to see you, so why not surprise them with a thoughtful gift. As silly as it might sound, car parts and accessories are a great place to start shopping. A foldable travel table that attaches to the back of the seat can make the drive back home much more enjoyable, for instance. You can be sure that your friends will appreciate the gesture! For extra safety, do make sure to handle everything with gloves, though, or leave the accessory inside its packaging. 


Can we play games & stay safe?

If you’re worried the conversation may be tricky when everyone is maintaining a safe distance, why not suggest a game? Ball games are not suitable right now. However, something fun and entertaining, such as a game of charade, can keep you busy for hours! Playing together is the first step back towards normality, even though you can’t hug for now. You can also bring some music with you, or create a playlist on Spotify for the occasion. Be sure not to disturb other visitors, though. 


You can start planning your first party with friends! The good news is that group gatherings are finally okay, so the lockdown is becoming less lonely. However, you need to maintain a safe distance to ensure that nobody is at risk. Sure, it’s not a typical catch-up with friends, but, right now, it’s the best you can do! 


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