Create An Eco-Friendly Home On A Budget

If you’ve been eyeing Spain and France with envy when the news reported scorching weather temperatures, you probably regret your impulse summer fashion purchase. The British summer has been horrid with Noah-like experiences in some regions that have been completely flooded by the rain, at first. Since then, the rain has stopped, but the summer you were hoping for has still not appeared. Sure enough, the sky is blue and the weather is pleasant, but it’s nothing like summer. You can’t help but blame climate change for this most unsuitable summer. You’re correct; Britain struggle with high emissions all over the country. It’s fair to say that our eco-unfriendly habits have a lasting impact on the country. But it’s not too late to introduce a green routine at home. 


It’s not that British homeowners don’t care about the planet. They do. But many are concerned about the cost of making their world a little greener. Indeed, not everyone can afford to strap solar panels to their roof. So when you can’t afford the switch to sustainable energies, what can you do to build an eco-friendly home on a budget? 

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Your favourite pasta dish drives global warming!


Focus on the areas that drive unnecessary damages

Fair enough, you can’t transform your household on a limited budget. But there are plenty of things you can do to make your everyday routine a little greener. For instance, have you considered how much energy you’re wasting at home to manage a cluttered room? Warming or cooling down a room that is filled with stuff, from books to old toys, is not easy. You’d be surprised how much difference decluttering your home can make! The hot or fresh air can circulate freely, and change the indoor temperature quickly. Something as simple as giving your insulation some love can also cut down your heating and cooling costs dramatically. 

Be mindful of what you throw away

Every household produces more than a tonne of waste in a year. However, despite the information campaigns, most people still trust the only bin bag to get rid of their unwanted. The truth is that adequate waste management can help to keep the planet a little greener, and throwing everything into a bin bag without considering a skip waste hire for home improvement projects or a dedicated compost bin for your organic wastes is destructive. Yes, it takes time to get things right and to understand where and how to get rid of your garbage, but isn’t the planet worth a little of your time? 

Start cooking your meat-free bolognese

The little changes you do to your everyday life can go a long way. Indeed, your home-cooked spaghetti bolognese feast that gets everyone excited needs to change. Indeed, livestock agriculture comes at a high cost, as it creates as much greenhouse gas emissions as the combined world’s cars, trucks and airplanes traffic. Ouch. It might be time to switch your daily meat for a protein-rich substitute, such as pulses and beans. Cutting down on your meat and dairy consumption can help to manage the global temperature increase. 

Most people wrongly assume that creating a green home is all about having sufficient funds to invest in it. You don’t need to break the bank to go green. In fact, there are plenty of eco-friendly transformations you can make without spending as much as £1! Hopefully, there’s still time to take back control of our climate. 


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