Cultivating A Great Relationship: Creating A Garden From Scratch

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If you want to to create an eco-friendly home, but you don’t know where to begin, it’s always worth going out into the garden. The garden is the place where you can begin to grow vegetables, and get that feeling of where everything comes from. But for all of the good intentions, starting a garden, especially when there is nothing there, not even soil, can be an incredibly intimidating prospect. So what is it that you need to start a garden from scratch properly?

Work On Your Boundaries

Before the garden begins to take shape, you need to know what shape it is. Usually, it’s predetermined because you’ve got neighbours on each side, but when you start to think about separating yourself from your neighbours, you might want to develop a more private garden. There are plenty of companies that specialise in concrete delivery so you can start to make your own walls, and from there, you may want to start creating a specific shape to the garden. On the other hand, you may want to erect wood fencing. Figuring out your boundaries is crucial, especially if you’ve got family members that have different intentions for the space. You may need one part to be a playground, and the other part to be a relaxing area. Figure out your boundaries, and work from there.

Getting Rid Of Those Pesky Weeds

Weeds are the enemy of any good gardener, so it’s important to ensure you have the facts at your disposal. There’s plenty of information online about weeds but you also need to know which ones you are dealing with. The great thing about identifying weeds is that you will use this information long after the garden has been well established. Controlling weeds is a handful, depending on the type of soil you’ve got. And if there is nothing but wasteland, sometimes it’s best to rip everything out and start again. Getting the right weed killer can make it a godsend, but you have to remember that if you spray the ground with hazardous chemicals, this could have a knock-on effect further down the line. It’s also important to note that not everything are weeds, even though they look like them! Even if they look like weeds, you could be sacrificing specific flowers, like petunias or foxglove, which are known to self-seed.

Learning How To Arrange Plants

It’s one of the more fun aspects of gardening, and for all of the hard work associated with getting the garden set up, arranging plants and understanding how they can be arranged so your garden looks amazing is quite a skill. It’s something you can hone over time. But after a while, you’ll develop a sixth sense. Spreading mature plants in comparison to the tall plants as well as the sections of the garden, are all interesting components that we all learn. Creating a garden from scratch is about cultivating this relationship between you and the earth. Starting a garden from scratch doesn’t have to be difficult but the most important thing is that you give it the time, care and attention it needs. 


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