Great Games For Small Gardens

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Even when life gets back to normal, there’s often a need to keep people safely entertained in a garden.  This is particularly true for children, but can also apply to adults too.  The good news is that even small gardens can become safe, fun play areas for people of all ages.  Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

Set up a clear boundary

If at all possible, have some kind of fence around your garden.  This sends out a polite message about where people are and are not allowed.  A basic post-and-chain fence could be enough to mark out a space for adults.  If, however, you have children or pets, then a proper treated timber fence could be a very reassuring investment.

Paint your grass

You can use regular chalk to mark out games on paths.  It is, however, far better to use lawn paint to mark out games on your lawn.  Firstly, lawns are much softer than paths.  This means that children are far less likely to hurt themselves when they fall, which they will.  Secondly, lawns are meant for games, whereas paths are basically ways to get from A to B.

Lawn paint can be used on both real and artificial grass.  It typically lasts for 2-3 months (depending on weather and use).  This means that you do need to think ahead slightly rather than just paint at random.  That said, if you do make a mistake, you only have to live with it for a fairly short period.

Put up a pole

A pole can take the place of an extra pair of hands for turning a skipping rope.  This means that children can play when, technically, they’re a person short.  Alternatively, it means that people can spend more time playing the game and less time turning the rope.

If your garden is really tiny, then you might want to consider putting some kind of fastener on your fence.  This might be more restrictive than a pole you can move around.  It is, however, likely to be safer than using a clothes pole for children’s games.

Learn to play croquet

The name “croquet” may have an old-fashioned sound to it.  The game, however, is ideal for modern, small gardens.  Firstly, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  The basic gameplay is simple enough for children to grasp.  The advanced strategy, by contrast, can really put adults to the test.  On the same note, you can play just for fun or very competitively!

Secondly, croquet is played with minimal equipment.  This means that it’s quick and easy to set up a game.  It’s also straightforward to pack everything away and store it out of use.  What’s more, croquet sets are fairly affordable and can last for years.

Thirdly, croquet keeps the ball fairly close to the ground.  It’s almost pure skill with very little strength involved.  This means that the game is highly unlikely to cause any damage to anything in the garden or the house itself.  That’s a big plus compared to many other outdoor games.

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