Mommy’s Making Money – All You Need To Know Before Starting Your Business Venture

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Being a mom will always be the most important job in your life, but it doesn’t pay the bills. So, being the super mom that you are, starting a business could be the perfect solution.   

Running a small business of your own allows you to maintain control while also offering the potential for lucrative returns. Before starting the journey, though, it’s imperative that you know exactly what you’re getting into. Without the right plan of action, the venture will be destined to fail. Worse still, the negative impacts will spread to your personal life.

Cover each of the 10 points below, and you won’t go far wrong.

1| Build a suitable workspace

When working for yourself, establishing the right mindset is arguably the hardest challenge of all. Putting yourself in the right surroundings can go a long way to getting it right, and will encourage you to be far more productive. Until you get this part right, the whole venture will fail.   

A suitable home office space is particularly important as it creates a clear mental barrier. When you are in this part of the home, you are in work mode. Decluttering the home and choosing the best furniture will serve you well. It should help your stay far more organized too.

Depending on the type of business, you may require additional workspaces. Coworking spaces are a fantastic idea while renting a chair in a salon or a space in the local gym can be useful when working in those sectors. Popup stores are also an increasingly popular option worth exploring.   

2| Focus on low-cost startups

When starting a new business, finding the necessary level of capital is likely to cause a few problems. This is especially true when you have a family to support. The best way to overcome this issue is to focus on business ideas that aren’t going to break the bank.   

There are hundreds of ideas where you won’t even need to handle stock. Whether it’s providing a local mobile service or becoming an affiliate marketer or social media star doesn’t matter. Keep the overheads low, and the pressure to gain big revenue right away will be significantly reduced.

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It’s an issue of necessity at the start, but will teach you great habits too. Make your money work harder by finding the best deals on materials, insurance, and energy rates. Starting a business is a risk at the best of times, cranking up the pressure with high costs is simply not an option.

3| Do something you love

Operating a business will present some very difficult moments, not least when you’d rather spend time with your loved ones. Sadly, this time apart from the kids will become infinitely tougher if you actively dread getting up for work. Those sentiments ring true even when you’re the boss.   

Working on something you feel passionately about is the only solution. Become an ETM instructor to find a fun, fast, and rewarding way of teaching fitness. Merely working in the industry that you love isn’t enough. You need to find the niche that makes work a joy.   

If nothing else, your love of the work will shine through. This will inevitably encourage the clients (and employees) to feel more positively about the brand’s products and services. Moreover, it’ll show your kids the benefits of working hard to create a career that you can actively adore.

4| Know your audience

The success and failure of a business is ultimately determined by how the consumers react. If they aren’t putting their money into their pockets, it doesn’t matter how good your products are. While you want to reach the biggest possible market, it’s important to realize you can’t impress everyone.

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Finding your place in the market is crucial for many reasons. Crucially, though, it allows you to tailor the venture to the preferences of the people that are likely to purchase your goods. It’s easy to overlook the need for market research. In truth, it could be the most critical step of all.

Everything from marketing methods to product design can be influenced by the findings. While it’s hard to ignore the negativity of other audiences, their thoughts really don’t matter. As long as the intended target market is interested and completing purchases, you’re onto a winner.

5| Consider getting help

It’s tempting to attempt doing it all alone. However, most mompreneurs will soon discover that they do not have the time or skills needed to complete every single element. Reaching out for the expert help that will push your business to its intended goals is vital.

The type and level of help required will depend on the type of business, your personal skills, and a host of other factors. Even if it’s just asking a graphic designer to handle the branding elements or outsourcing the customer care tasks, this can make a big difference.

Thanks to the capabilities of modern tech, hiring remote-based employees is easier than ever. So, even if you plan to keep operating from home, there’s no need to face the business world alone. Many hands make light work, do not forget it.

6| Be authentic   

Whatever you do in business, make sure you do it in an honest and authentic fashion. Falseness will only go so far before consumers and employees spot it. Once they do, it’s inevitable that the appeal of the brand will slide. This will consequently destroy any hope of maintaining sales too.

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You are the company’s biggest USP, and learning to embrace your personality in business. If working from home, you may still wish to register a virtual business address to keep hold of some privacy. As far as connecting with consumers is concerned, though, a sense of realness is key.

This is another reason for choosing a business that you love rather than chasing profits by trying to capitalize on a market you don’t understand. Above all else, the level of consistency gained from taking this authentic approach can only aid the venture for years to come.

7| Develop your business skills

It doesn’t matter whether you offer a skills-based service, manufacture products, or source items for sale. Knowing what you love and how to provide clients with a winning service is only half of the battle. In truth, understanding the business elements is another altogether. Do not ignore it.

Investing in your education to become a better entrepreneur is crucial. Leadership courses are particularly useful when managing a team of remote-based employees. Meanwhile, gaining qualifications in how to run a business in a cost-efficient and productive fashion is pivotal.  

Without the requisite business skills, your venture will become little more than a hobby. Everything you do in business should be focused around the financial impacts. Give yourself the best shot at unlocking your full potential through this self-development. The results will be huge.

8| Always prioritize your work

As a working mom, you can’t always legislate for child illnesses and other unexpected issues that require your attention. Unfortunately, this means that your progress can be derailed at times. While avoiding the hit might not be possible, you can at least cushion the blow by prioritizing the work.

Good organization is an essential aspect of every business operation. This is irrespective of personal circumstances. Using calendars and App reminders will certainly help. You should also get into the habit of listing your most important tasks each morning. Completing those will feel like a success.

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Even if the external influences prevent you from completing the full day’s worth of work, getting through the top issues is a start. They are the items that will ensure the business stays on the right track, even if it means catching up on the others over the coming days.

9| Don’t forget about yourself

You must also remember to take care of your own needs. Juggling a family and a business isn’t easy. Failure to take a little time out for yourself could lead to major problems in all areas of your life. A happy mom is a better mom while a relaxed businesswoman will work far better too.   

Establishing that sense of balance may take some time. However, you can give yourself a helping hand by hiring a cleaner for the home or other services. You may feel guilty at first but, if you earn more than the cleaner, it becomes an economic decision.

Ultimately, starting a business is designed to improve your lives. If you forget to ensure that it does, there’s every chance that the venture will have the inverse effect of what you’re trying to achieve. For that reason alone, you owe it to yourself to get this element of the business under control.

10| Remember it’s not forever

Finally, you should remove some of the pressure by reminding yourself that this isn’t a lifetime commitment. In an ideal world, the venture will work out exactly as you planned. If it doesn’t, or your circumstances change, there’s nothing wrong with trying something else. You have to do what is right for you.


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