New baby: 4 Ways to Save Money – 5 different expenses

When having a new baby (or better say during pregnancy), new parents try to figure out ways of how to manage the monthly budget considering the added expanses. Well, nobody said it is easy, but, there are ways to save money and help your family finances, even in a new and difficult situation like this.

We prepared a list of 5 typical expanses and gave 4 tips for each of them. Consider the ones that fit to your family and apply, so you can breathe freely and enjoy your cute little one.


    • Breastfeed for as long as you can. It is healthy and free.
    • Borrow the breast pump. The electric one is quite expensive so try to ask it to someone you know that has had a baby just a little before you did.
  • Get breastfeeding advices ahead. If you leave it for the moment you need it urgently, you may end up paying lots of money just for a consult. Ask for advices even before you give birth. 
  • Avoid buying many breastfeeding clothes in advance. You may find them uncomfortable later or maybe you will not need it (some moms have to give up breastfeeding after a few weeks). 

At the hospital 

  • Avoid add-ons. Say no if they ask you to pass to a private room that will cost you extra money.
  • Don’t watch TV. You may get charged from using TV. Also, enjoy the quietness while you still can. You will miss it later.
  • Ask for coupons or samples. Apart from free stuff websites where you can get free baby stuff, hospitals are full of freebies that pharmaceutical companies leave as promotion. Ask for them and try to keep as many as you can.
  • Take the toiletries. Some of the unused items can be taken home if you ask for them (always ask for permission).


  • No need to buy baby clothes much in advance. Babies grow up very quickly and they outgrow their baby clothes. On the other hand, friends and family members will tend to bring you lots of gift for newborns as well.
  • Buy unisex colored clothes and equipment. If you have a baby boy when your daughter is still a toddler, wouldn’t you wish you hadn’t bough a pink baby carrier? 
  • Don’t buy baby shoes. It is not worth to buy expensive leather shoes for babies when they actually feel comfortable walking barefoot at home.
  • Go for secondhand clothes for those special occasions. Fancy baby clothes may be very expansive, so you might want to check those second hand stores instead.

Healthcare Savings

  • Ask free product samples. Talk to your pediatrician and ask for freebies. You may get formula or nappies in every visit.
  • Talk to your pediatrician on the phone before visiting. You may get an answer immediately and save yourself from paying the fee of the visit for a simple consult.
  • Don’t buy an ear thermometer. Doctors recommend digital ones that cost much less.
  • Use your entitlements. Make sure to benefit from free services or tax deductions if you are eligible to any.


Be smart 

  • Don’t get late on returning unwanted or doubled gifts. Doing so, you can receive store credit that can be used for other items or even nappies or wipes. 
  • Buy just a couple of bottles before the baby is born. Getting dozens of them may result a stupidity, as you need to know what type of bottle makes your baby feel more comfortable. Once you’ve noticed, you can go to the store and buy exactly those ones.
  • Nappies, buy in bulks. Nappies will never be too many. The bigger the box, the more you save.
  • Take your stroller for a test before you decide to buy it. Keep in mind that you, as the mom, will not be the only person who will use it, so, everyone of you (father and grandparents included) need to test it out so that the stroller is comfortable for everyone.
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