Raising A Happy Girl

Bringing up daughters is one of the joys in life that you won’t understand until you experience it for yourself. Girls are notorious for being more high maintenance than boys when it comes to raising kids, but girls are also sweet in nature, loyal and are always on hand with a little magic and imagination. Life at the moment is all about empowerment, and when it comes to women, we are still fighting the fight for equality almost 100 years since we won the vote. It’s a scary world for a girl to grow up in, so it’s your duty to raise a happy and confident girl that can take over the world one day.

The first thing that you need to know about raising daughters is that you need to understand the impact you have on them. As a mother, it’s easy to forget that your daughter will be watching your every move. She will watch the way that you organise her dolls house accessories for the first time, so that she can copy the way you’ve done it. She will want to help you make her lunch, even when it slows you down to a complete stop while you teach her the right way to slice an apple. Your daughter is going to follow you around and beg to be a part of the moments of your day, and it’s your duty to let it happen. You are raising the next generation of women, and she is going to do everything that she can to impress you as much as possible. All your daughter will want from you is for you to see her. To take in the things she waffles on about that are so important to her, no matter how small. She will want you to stop your cooking so that she can learn from you.

Raising children, in general, is not easy, but a daughter who wants to copy everything that you do is particularly tough, because you have to watch your impact at all times. Don’t openly talk about your diet around her, she’s impressionable, and she needs to see you embrace your body so that she can learn to embrace hers. Don’t dismiss the little things that she has to say; because then she won’t tell you the big things that really will count. Your daughter is going to one day, be the person who tells you that you could be a grandmother. She’s going to need her veil adjusting on her wedding day. You are going to be the voice in her head, propelling her to be better at everything that she does. Believing in her will make her confidence soar and make her happy. Trusting her to know her own mind will help her to feel secure. Telling her how much you love her will make her warm and happy on the inside. Your daughter will take her lead from you; so make sure that you are the shining example that she needs.


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