How To Survive Summer With Your Kids (Without Having A Mental Breakdown)


As a parent, you are supposed to love your children no matter what, and, for the most part, that is pretty manageable. Unfortunately, when the six weeks holidays roll around, and you’re left with a house of demons whining “Mum, I’m bored”, it gets a tad more difficult. In the grand scheme of things, the summer holidays aren’t very long, but limited funds, screaming kids, and horrible weather can make those six weeks feel like an eternity. If you want to survive summer with your kids, preferably without having a mental breakdown, here are five things you can do.


  1. Don’t Expect Too Much

The summer can be fun and exciting, but don’t think that the world is suddenly going to turn perfect just because the schools are closed. It’s going to rain, things aren’t always going to go to plan, and your kids will drive you up the wall. Instead of locking yourself away with a bottle of vodka, try not to expect too much. This way, you won’t be disappointed but will be pleasantly surprised when you get through a day without crying.


  1. Make Sure You’re Organised

You can’t plan for everything, but a little organisation always comes in handy. Because of this, you should sit down and write a list of everything you want and need to get done during the summer. This will include holidays and days out, different activities with the kids, checking out Tesco’s Back to School deals, and stocking up on school supplies. Mark a few of these things on your calendar, but always make sure that you have a backup plan, in case things go wrong.


  1. Let The Kids Choose

Your kids will always find a reason to complain about the activities you plan or days out you organise, so give them a bit of control by letting them choose a few activities each.  Sit them each down with a laptop, pen, and notebook, and ask that they all do some research and come up with a couple of ideas. Just make sure that you set price limits for activities, or they’ll take you for every penny you’ve got.


  1. Stock Up On Supplies

Whether you like it or not, the weather isn’t going to be perfect the entire summer. In fact, it’ll probably thunderstorm the whole six weeks and then warm up as September rolls around. Because of this, it’s important that you’ve got some stuff at home that your kids can occupy themselves with. This could mean arts and crafts stuff, board games, films, books, or video games. Just be sure you have something to give them when they start to complain.


  1. Give Yourself A Break

If you want to get through the summer without hitting your head up against a brick wall, then you need to give yourself a break now and then. “Me time” is crucial no matter the time of year, but when you’re constantly trying to keep your kids entertained, it’s more important than ever. This means you need to choose a few days throughout the holidays to do something for you, and give your kids to their grandparents.


The summer holidays can be a lot of fun, but, more often than not, they’re nightmarish. If you want to survive and have the best time that you, the tips above should help.

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