The ABCs Of Moving In Together When You Both Have Kids

Moving in together is one of the biggest steps that any couple will ever take. When you add kids to the equation too, though, the challenges are considerably greater. On a brighter note, it is possible to come through this task in a positive fashion.

Building a winning plan of action is undoubtedly the most significant aspect, and you do not want to overcomplicate the process. Keep things simple by focusing on three main factors, and you’ll be set to maintain control over the situation for the short and long-term future.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the ABCs of moving in together.

Assets (Management)

Moving in together will always provide some testing moments. However, those potential teething problems are far greater when kids are involved. After all, it’s not only your own futures that you’re playing with. With this in mind, protecting your financial assets is vital.

Speaking to family law solicitors about prenuptial agreements is a crucial step to take. It might be a little awkward but, as a fellow parent, your partner will understand. Besides, if you cannot discuss these issues, perhaps it’s not quite the time to make such a huge commitment. After all, it’s better to hold off and do things in a few months rather than make a mistake.

While it’s important to use this as the opportunity to build a life together, you don’t want to leave yourself in a vulnerable position.

Boundaries (And Fairness)

Establishing fair rules is a crucial factor for all modern families. The challenges are increased when moving in together with kids, though. This is because the two households probably had unique rulings before merging together. The new directives need to be fair for all children.

Issues like chores should be set according to ages, as should bedtimes and other features. Meanwhile, kids should take it in turns to host sleepovers or choose family activities. Most importantly, both parents need to support each other with those decisions. Solidarity is crucial along every step of the way.

This will inevitably result in a transitional phase for children and parents alike. Once you get through this challenge, though, life should become a lot easier.

Comfort (For Everyone)

Home is where the heart is, and should be a place that is loved by every member of the household. Even if one person is moving into the other’s home, it’s vital to have a few comforting features that spark a sense of belonging. Otherwise, it’ll always feel like living in their home rather than a joint one.

Combining some of your assets can have a big impact while these small but effective ideas can create a comfortable atmosphere for all. When every member of the family can relax inside the property, the threat of disagreements and similar issues become far smaller.

Moving in together is a major transition in your lives and will bring major changes for the children too. Treat it with the care it deserves, and you should be just fine.

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