The Ultimate Guide To A Fun Road Trip

With a foreign holiday looking uncertain this year, it might be time to consider the humble road trip to get you out and about this summer. Flying is possible if you want to venture to a far-flung destination, but the chances of quarantine, Covid-19 outbreaks, and last minute cancellations might not be worth all of the stress. Instead, consider staying in your home nation. The chances are that you have been enjoying the outdoors more than ever. What better time to explore the coast, the hills, or the countryside than during a pandemic? Take a look at this ultimate guide to making your road trip fun.



If you are tempted to take your own vehicle on a road trip, it’s crucial that you work out whether your insurance covers it. Luckily, car insurance from one sure means that a broker can scour any top-ups that you might need to ensure that you are covered for a long stay on the road.

You might prefer not to use your own set of wheels, and instead, you could choose something a little more unusual for your holiday. Hiring a VW campervan or a Winnebago style vehicle will mean that your road trip is enjoyed in ultimate comfort. You can enjoy sleeping in your vehicle, rocking up to campsites, and cooking within your own set of wheels. This is ideal for these pandemic days, as you won’t be mixing with other households or people, and you can keep your brood safe.


It’s crucial that you can plan out your road trip before you depart. Spend a couple of weeks before your trip investigating the places you want to tour. Perhaps you are going to head to the Yorkshire Dales, the Devon coast, or the Peak District. Check out potential road closures and road works to mitigate any traffic jams. Ensure that you plan for stop-offs. You don’t want to have your little darlings in the back of your car travelling for hours on end without seeing any sights. A maximum of two hours should be spent on the road at any one time. Consider where to sample delightful cuisine, where to do activities as a family, and how to get your vista kicks.




There’s nothing worse than having your offspring misbehaving in the back of the car when you’re trying to read a map. Ensure that you have enough to keep them entertained. Give them their tablet or portable DVD player. Play old school eye-spy style games, and enjoy singing songs. If they are becoming irritable, it’s ok to take a break, get some food and stretch your legs. Kids tend to mess about when they are bored, over-tired, or lacking stimulation. Have a bag full of healthy snacks to keep them from gorging on sugary treats. This will increase the chances of car sickness, and could see them over-stimulated.

Road trips are not often the holiday of choice. However, you can enjoy venturing to new parts of your home nation during these more surreal days.

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