Themed Bedroom Ideas for Your Kids

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Making a themed bedroom for your child is an excellent way to encourage their imagination and create a space for them to grow. By decorating their bedroom in a particular way, they can imagine they are characters from their favorite stories and enjoy a magical atmosphere they won’t forget, even in adulthood. It will give them a space to call their own where they can bring their toys and games to life.


By turning your child’s bedroom into a themed bedroom, you are creating a space that is both for playing in and for sleeping in; it’s important that your child has this unique space to grow up in and that it feels like their space. You can encourage this by creating a themed room that is linked to their passion. Below are some popular ideas.  


I remember spending a lot of time in bedroom as a teen, I always wanted an industrial theme for my bedroom, but my parents weren’t keen on the idea! I think interior design has moved on over the years and painting a wall black can be done quite tastefully, getting teens involved in the process is essential. Perhaps make a mood board together and let the design evolve to something you are both happy with. I came across some awesome Neon lights by NeonMama that would be make an excellent focus piece in a teens bedroom.


The Wild West-themed bedroom


Think starry skies and outdoor campfires, think wild horses, and Indian headdresses. The Wild West theme can be colourful, imaginative, and action-packed. There are many ways to decorate in this way – you can keep it subtle, or go all out. Wood effect wallpaper gives the look and feel of a barren, and why not paint the ceiling a dark blue shade with a projection of stars.  


Make the centerpiece of this theme the triangular tent frame bed made with wooden sticks. The Teepee Cabin Bed is what you might expect from its description. It looks and feels like a traditional tent, complete with lookout holes at either end of the frame. Your child will feel secure in the contained space and can let their imaginations run free. Why not set up a themed bedroom with the Teepee Bed as the centerpiece. 


A New York themed bedroom


Has your child ever been to New York? Or do they know the city from some of the cartoons they watch? A New York themed bedroom can be inspiring for your child, and it stands the test of time as they get older. For a New York-themed bedroom, it’s common to have one wall decorated with the iconic city skyline. If you’re artistic, you could paint it, but you can buy a wallpaper version. 


Add a New York-style metal-framed bed. Some parents prefer this style to the popular kid’s box beds because it is more traditional and offers room for your child to grow. The sturdy metal frame is solid and stylish, and there is plenty of space underneath for storing toys and games. 


The gaming-themed bedroom


Does your kid love computer gaming and spends all their time in front of a monitor? It may not be a bad thing; chances are they will grow up tech-savvy and land a stellar job. The Gaming theme bedroom supports your kid’s passion and gives them a space to develop in their own direction. You can decorate the walls with their favorite character and consoles and include units and tech to support gaming.   


The gaming box bed is an excellent choice for this theme. It’s a high-box bed in grey or white – techy colors. Beneath the bed is a large desk that can accommodate monitors, consoles, and games. Some LED strip lighting in the desk also adds to the perfect gaming atmosphere.  


The playground themed bedroom 


If your child is sub-ten and very active, then the playground themed bedroom will tire them out before bedtime. Use bright primary colors when decorating the walls, and include fun activities, units, and games. Depending on the size of the room, you could have a ball pool and some soft play items that they can sit on, build things out of, and generally get creative.  


A fun bed for this room is the Slide Bed. It’s crossed between the box bed, the metal frame bed, and the tent bed. Your child may not get much sleeping done going up and down the slide, all the time, or they might tire themselves out quickly with it and be asleep in no time. Getting down from the bed in the morning is easy and fun.


The versatile theme


kids bunk beds are excellent for creating any theme you can think of; if it’s a sea theme, the box bed can be turned into a ship, if it’s a wrestling theme it can be made into a ring. The great thing about box beds is that they have plenty of space around the edges for you to get creative with.


Underneath the bed there is plenty of space – you can store toys and games in there, or set up a den; put up some fairy lights and throw in some blankets, your kids and their friends will love to spend time in there letting their imaginations run wild.  


Something custom

Contact Lasercut and Create for custom products to decorate your childs room.

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