Using Waste Productively in the home

Not all waste is bad, in fact it can be quite useful for the things you like. Most of the time we see it as a nuisance as it gets in the way, starts to smell bad and makes us look bad in front of guests. Leaving it around for too long gives off the impression that you’re a messy person and they you don’t care about your home. So we tend to gather it up, and just throw it away to keep things neat and organised. This makes perfect sense because nobody wants to live in a home where it takes effort to move around and avoid garbage. However, there are certain ways you can use garbage or waste, to support the things around your home.

Natural plant feed

Nowadays we have plant feed that has been designed in a lab. Most brands make quite effective feed but it’s a concentration of nutrients and chemicals. This means that although they work, they can sometimes give less than certain results. In other words, you won’t get a consistent performance from plant feed. Why not just use your garden to feed the plants inside your home? The next time you mow the lawn, or the next time you trim a flower bush take some of the waste into your kitchen. Put the mowed grass and the flower buds and or petals into a blender, then mulch them up. Take the top of the soil from your plant pot out, and then pour the waste into it, then cover it up again. This is natural food for the plant as it would have in a natural setting.

Waste not want not

Whatever happened to the saying ‘waste not, want not’? There used to be a time when food was so precious you wouldn’t dare waste a bit of it. If you have a bad habit of sliding the bits of unwanted food on your plate into the bin, you can instead put them to go use. Looking at these Top 5 tips for waste management this christmas, you can use leftovers to make your own compost. Buy yourself a compost bucket or bin. When you have filled it up with food and leaves or perhaps lawn clippings, you can use it to feed your flowers and plants in your garden. Simply take the topsoil off, move it aside and then pour your compost all over and then pack the topsoil back on again.

A fun crafting

When you have the grandchildren over or when you want to do something fun with the kids, how about making recycled paper at home? Take all the old and used paper you have in your home, whether it be front a notepad, newspaper or just typical A4 paper and get yourself some simple tools you can buy cheaply online. Follow the steps well-known and you can make your own paper which you can use to draw, write and paint on with the kids. Have fun making the recycled paper and getting artistic with the kids using it.

One man’s waste is another man’s goldmine as the saying goes. Think twice before you throw your uneaten food out again, it could be food for the flowers and plants you’re growing out back. You can use garden waste as food for indoor plants too.

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