Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job Just Now

When your job gets stressful, and you’re in for long and hectic days, it can be tempting to hand on your notice and slam the door on the experience. Everyone has had once in a lifestyle a similar reverie. Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about all those deadlines anymore and let it all go? Wouldn’t it be the best comeback at your pesky boss to resign just before a pressing event? If you’ve just caught yourself smirking at these options, it’s fair to say that you’ve probably been considering quitting your day-to-day job for something better – or better-suited to your skills and interests.

However, don’t let your frustration rush the process just now. To quote the words of Albert King, don’t burn down the bridge. You might want to come back, or you might need to maintain a friendly relationship with your previous employer. Instead, next time you feel yourself about to explode, take a deep breathe and evaluate your options. It’s, indeed, never a good idea to rush your departure, especially if you don’t have a backup plan. You want to take the time to prepare your exit, in the best and most effective way for both you and your current employer. More importantly, you need to ask yourself a crucial question, namely whether resigning is the best solution for you.

Don’t burn down the bridge with your employer

Don’t worry, while this isn’t going to be an article about grinding your teeth and going through a difficult work situation; it’s necessary to understand the different choices you’ve got. Anyway, the bottom line is: don’t burn down the bridge just yet; you need to be prepared for your next step.

You need an alternative

If there’s something that you’ll find positively rewarding with modern technology is that it lets you set the background for a side-hustle or an independent business in no time. If you’re in the process of considering whether to stay or to quit, it’s a good idea to make the most of your spare time to tackle your business dream. In a few clicks, you can secure yourself a decent web presence, including a hosting plan. There are plenty of pre-made web templates from WordPress to Wix, which offer the perfect base for experimenting and developing your content – and concept! Of course, a template doesn’t replace a professionally designed site, but this could be your next step once you’ve figured out what you want to do.

Additionally, you can use organisational tools that can help you to track your time and stay focus when establishing your business presence. In other words, it won’t take much than a few days to create a mock business presence, which can be all you need to help you define your next step. Ultimately, you don’t want to quit before knowing where your interests take you.

You can’t become your own boss overnight

It’s vital that you understand that while you can create your digital presence in a few clicks, it doesn’t mean you’ve got what it takes to become a successful business owner. You don’t have to be an expert at everything – thankfully – but you need a decent understanding of the business market you’re targeting and the various business processes. Having a business idea is only the beginning. But when it comes to pricing strategies, innovation processes and financial statement, you may want to stick around with your employer a little longer until you can acquire the necessary skill set – you can boost your knowledge with an MSc management distance learning degree, for instance. This will give you the background you need to tackle the challenges of an entrepreneurship career. With over 30% of independent and small businesses failing within the first years, you can’t afford to begin the journey unprepared.

Is the situation going to last?

Do you really want to quit? While this might seem like a silly question, it’s worth checking whether you’ve got a problem with the job or the company, or whether you’re struggling with specific individuals. Indeed, a  bad boss can dramatically affect the way you perceive your employment, for instance. But if your problem is individual specific, you might be able to find another solution to defuse your tensions. Have you considered that you could get rid of your manager? While this might sound extreme, there can be benefits in discussing your issues with the HR staff. Documenting every interaction and getting your union – if relevant – on board can make a significant difference in front of the business board. Admittedly, you could also ask to be moved to a different team, making sure you can use your transferable skills without working with the same person. However, when the team is united against their manager, you are more likely to achieve your goal and transform the situation for good.

Can you improve your work routine?

According to the NHS, the workplace is a stressful environment. In reality, work isn’t getting more stressful, but everything that is attached to the office life is. From petty emails about the cleanliness of the facilities to colleagues dragging you down, you might wake up with a knot in your stomach just at the prospect of going to the office. If the work isn’t an issue, why not change your location and negotiate remote work arrangements? You can explain to your manager that working from home will not only reduce commuting stress but also ensure that you can be more productive – as you can avoid most office-based interactions.

Still want your own business? Prepare it carefully

Finally, if your mind is still set on an independent business – you need to be absolutely certain about it –, it’s never too early to develop your business plan. Indeed, you will need a deep understanding not only of your market, but also of the way you want your business to operate, which can take time to develop. More entrepreneurs spend up to 6 months writing their business plan before applying for funding. Do that before you quit!

In conclusion, on hectic days, t can be easy to get frustrated and pen down your resignation letter. But stop yourself from rushing things! From diversifying your skill set to examining new options within your company, there are other solutions that don’t burn down the bridge!


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