Wondering How To Decorate The Home? Here’s How

When we were younger, we were often pottering around our mother and father’s home, thinking about getting out one day and having a place to call our own. We’ll always have a seat at the parents, but there are certainly things that we’d change! It’s not at the forefront of our minds at all times, but when we would see some of the stuff around the place, we’d think ‘that wouldn’t be here if it was up to me!’

When you’d picture the home you’ll inhabit with your family around you, you’d see it has everything you’ve ever wanted in an abode. We know it’s not possible initially as you’ll have many other responsibilities to take care of before you can even think about decorating, but the time will come.   

 If you’re in that situation now, you’ll know that you obviously cannot knock things down and reshape them, but you can move, add and remove items around to suit what you want. If you’re not too sure about the things you can do to spruce up the home, let’s talk about some simple ways.


The driveway is the first thing that someone sees upon arrival, so you’re going to want to make it a delightful sight. A way to clean it up a bit would be to get a pressure washer and blast the dirt right off – you’d be surprised at how different it looks after the weather’s had its way with it. You could also add little aesthetics to it like a border or some lights.      

Front Door

Your front door and porch area are like the introduction of the house’s story – it sets the tone for how the house is going to look at feel. You can get yourself some paint and give it a colour that you feel represents your personality or the house’s theme. It’s not just about the door; you can also decorate around the sides of it, too – adding some flowers or some ornaments could bring some more life to the front.  


Now that into the house itself, you can start to think about sprucing up this little area as well as adding things that would be convenient for yourself and others. Instead of having a small pile of coats and a place in the corner for shoes, why not add clothes pegs, a coat rack or a shoe rack?

Living Room

The living room is the heart of the entire home, traditionally. It where you, the family and any guests will spend the majority of the time – so you’ll want to make it as lovely as you can. If things are looking a little bland, you can always spend a few free hours moving the arrangement around a little. The majority of accessories and small pieces are usually shown off in the living room, so if you too like having cute little decorations scattered around, then you’ll be in your element here. You could try making some stuff yourself as well as getting them from a store – for example, getting some wood or plastic and using something like a glue gun from Glue Guns Direct can result in a cute little photo frame that can be put on a shelf. You could also make little cushions for the sofa – they’re useful and look fab.      


It’s often the case the way to keep the kitchen looking sexy is to keep it super clean. Making sure you have it looking scrubbed, and shining will do a lot for its appearance, subconsciously. Keeping it all organised will make it look better, too. Have a place for everything and make sure everything is in its place. A way to make the kitchen sparkle some more is to add some marble to the design – it’s a popular look for a reason. Removing your default plastic and wood and replacing it will a prettier surface would make things much more beautiful on the eyes.   


Much like the kitchen, the bathroom tends to be a place that looks better the more hygienic it is. Your primary aim would be to keep that as clean as you can – tackling the grime and limescale that attacks the different bits being an important part. If you’re someone who likes bathing and relaxing, you could invest in a nice bath – you deserve some R&R after all.  

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


Your bedroom is your own personal zone. It’s similar to the living room in that it has some personalisation and design – but on a smaller and lesser scale. We mentioned before about adding some art and craft to the living room, and it’s no different for the bedroom. Inputting homemade things just adds to the personal aspect of it.  


It’s traditionally just a little build that stores things like your tools, large items, and clutter that you haven’t quite disposed of yet. But it doesn’t have to be just a dark, damp place with insects crawling around. If you declutter the thing and give it a little time, it can be made into a neat and organised little area that looks tidy as well as storing extra equipment. It always sounds like such a pain in the backside, but sorting out the garage would be worth it. In terms of its aesthetics, the garage walls and door usually take a beating from the years of extreme weather. Giving the walls a pressure wash like the driveway would clean it up and make a significant change to it. As for the door, the paint has probably worn off so you may want to repaint it all and give it a younger look.      


You can really express yourself when it comes to sprucing up the garden – there’s so much that you can do. Want to add a fish pond? Good! Want to add a little shed? Also good! If you have a young family, perhaps you’ll want something they can enjoy themselves with like a trampoline or a jungle gym.


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