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When we first moved to the UK we came with just 20 Kgs of luggage each. We found a flat and settled in quite quickly, but as you can imagine starting from scratch is a daunting and very expensive experience, we didn’t have much extra money so we spent hours stalking Ebay, comparing prices to make sure we got the cheapest possible deal. Five years on and things are showing signs of wear and tear. We’ve decided to replace things slowly and get good quality products that are built to last. One of the first things that needs replacing is our vacuum cleaner, whilst she has served us well she has been forced into an early retirement as she has been overworked in the construction site we currently live in. Things are slowly coming together and very soon we hope to be getting new carpets laid.
The Dyson brand has always appealed to me, the ball design is intriguing and I’ve read so many fantastic reviews on them. Our last vacuum cleaner was an upright model, we choose it whilst living in the flat as it seemed easier, we didn’t think ahead and so battled vacuuming the stairs when we moved, this time we are going to go for a cylinder model, will make things a lot easier.
I’ve got my eye on the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor completecylinder vacuum cleaner with extra tools. It self adjusts across all floor types, which is a great feature to have, especially for a quick clean up of the kitchen floor after I’ve been baking, I have a knack of getting flour everywhere!
My husband suffers terribly from allergies so I’m hoping that having a decent vacuum cleaner will ease some of his suffering.  It will also be a fantastic tool in my arson in a few months time when I suddenly have the urge to nest and clean everything in sight!
Who would ever have thought that I’m excited at the prospect of cleaning!

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