Cardboad Dream House Competition – Ocean Finance

Josh and Kate love playing house, making tents and building all sorts of constructions out of Lego, cardboard boxes, blankets, anything they can get there hands on.

Ocean Finance offered us a cardboard playhouse as part of a competition and I had to say yes as I knew Josh and Kate would love it.

It arrived and Josh was besides himself with excitement. We’ve just moved house so unfortunately there was too much to do before we could get started on it. Finally the day came.

After constructing the house we asked Josh what we should do to decorate it. He said he wanted it red(his favourite colour)  with a black roof . I wasn’t brave enough to let him lose with a paintbrush in the house and the weather wasn’t good enough to do it outside so we opted for red paper bricks.

After completing all the brick work and the roof he started talking about Christmas and decided he wanted it to be a Christmas house. So we sent Daddy up to the loft to get some Christmas decorations. A few hours later we had this:

And after a quick costume change:

Update: find us at Cold Cuppa Club 
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