Crisp autumn breeze means time to go shopping!

The last few days I’ve experienced an autumnal chill in the air, reminding me that summer is coming to an end and we have cooler days ahead. I love living in the UK, I love how there are four distinct seasons, each one bringing with it different ways of doing things, different activities and memories.

This year is going to be a particularly memorable Autumn as Josh has just turned one, he’s walking confidently and loves being outdoors, I can’t wait to go to the park and watch him kick big piles of autumn leaves about. Can you tell I’ve been daydreaming? I think I’ve got the scene picture perfect. Josh, daddy and I laughing and giggly; whilst a willing family member takes a few snapshots.
Unfortunately I’ve hit a bit of wardrobe crisis at the moment, my normal clothes are a little snug and maternity clothes are too big, a very frustrating place to be! I came across these parkas on the New Lookwebsite and they look fab for my situations. I’m really tempted by the JadeGreen Elephant print, but I’m not sure how versatile it would be, its perfect for fun in the park but maybe a little too fun for a trip into town. The sensible me says to go for the stylish Navy Cotton Twill Hooded Utility Jacket as I’ll get a lot more wear from it and it will go with most of my current wardrobe already.

Also on the New Look website is a Maternity Black 3 pieceStarter Pack, at only £14.99 it looks like a great buy and perfect to make my transition into maternity clothes. I have always loved shopping at New Look, I got the majority of my maternity clothes at New Look when I was pregnant with Josh and am looking forward to doing it again this time around. I found the underbump jeans very comfortable and a great fit and loved the cute and quirky slogans on the maternity t-shirts. 

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