Exciting News for my Little Blog

After blogging the delicious Panna Cotta recipe Rowse Honey contacted me and asked if they could put it on their website. Of course, I said YES!

Its gone on their website today have a look: http://www.rowsehoney.co.uk/

Whilst exploring Rowse Honeys website it became evident that bees need our help. Inspired and motivate I googled away and the more I found out about Bees the more I became fascinated with them. On speaking to some colleagues about it, we decided to do something about it. We’ve set up http://www.beerewarded.co.uk/ to raise awareness of bees and what we can do to help. We are currently running a scheme to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, we are collecting keys, nuts, bolts, etc which will be recycled and used to “Save Bees”.

On Saturday I will be going on a “Taster Beekeeping Day”. Very excited!

Edit: Have a look at my new blog: www.coldcuppaclub.com
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