Motivation to declutter and a super stylish desk

When we were packing and moving, what seemed like an endless supply of stuff, I came to realise that we have way too much. I was very overwhelmed and shocked by the amount of stuff that Vincent and I have collected over the last 5 years. I have decided that as I unpack boxes I will be ruthless in getting rid of the excess clutter. I will try and sell what I can on sites like Facebook, Ebay, Amazon and Music Magpie, the rest will go to the charity shop.

As motivation to declutter I’ve been looking online for ideas for the new house and also how to declutter.

I like rooms that are bright and airy, Vincent is very into the minimalist style, we don’t often agree on furniture and decor, so when we do find something we agree on we usually snap it up.

I’m making a pinterest board of how I would like to decorate our new home office. See my board here.

I came across this desk on the John Lewis website and it appeals to both Vincent and my taste, it represents my desire to be clutter free and to enjoy the space we are in without being weighed down with clutter. I specifically like the fact that the desk does not have any drawers to house clutter. I would like to get a filing cabinet to store all our paperwork(colour coded of course!)

I like the decor of the study in the John Lewis website and would like to do something similar but with my own quirky spin on it.

I would like to have a big poster made, something like this:

I am hoping that by using the Pinterest board and having a vision of what I would like to create I will find the decluttering process to be easy.

This is a sponsored post, however all content is my own and of my own opinion.

Edit: Have a look at my new blog: www.coldcuppaclub.com

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